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MiniCup Construction

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Building the Mini-Cup.  This is a diary of my construction of a Mini-Cup.  As I progress, I'll fill out the pages.  I'm not showing all of the true time and costs.  I don't show the hours of staring at the plans, or redrawing them in TurboCad.  I also don't show the hours spent in hardware stores going over their selections of tools and fasteners and boring their staff with questions about wood and tools, and stories about how wonderful and fun it is to build a boat.  Some tools purchased for this project, which I can use for other things are also not listed.
The amount of time that I've spent on this project is probably more than is necessary.   There are probably quicker ways to do things, especially if you have helpers who are more than 4 feet tall.

Model Building Lofting and Cutting Initial Assembly Sealing Deck Fairing Finishing MiniCup Costs

DISCLAIMER: Because the construction of any boat is dependent on factors of materials and craftsmanship that are beyond my control, I can accept no responsibility for any item constructed based on information found on this web-site.

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