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MiniCup Modifications

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Rudder Modifications

One of the problems I had with the MiniCup as I built it, was with the rudder.  I was never comfortable with the tiller attachement, and the rudder didn't kick up even with the boat when beaching, but dragged instead.  Also, with the size of the unit with the tiller attached, it didn't easily fit in my Jeep, or in the gear box that I built.

Because of this, I'm building a new rudder that will (should) kick up parallel to the hull bottom and that will have a different attachement for the tiller.

Inside of rudder case Inside of rudder case

Over the course of the winter of 2002, I finished assembling the rudder box.  In the spring, I got an old hockey stick from a friend and fashioned that into a tiller that slipped over the top of the rudder box.  The rudder still doesn't kick up all the way, but it's pretty close.  I also added a bungee cord run through the rudder box into the rudder to hold the rudder down.  I'll install a cleat on the top of the rudder after I've painted the rudder box and tiller.
Rudder Up Rudder Up

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