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It was a challenge to find suppliers for many of the things that I needed to build a boat.  Here is a reference of the suppliers I used that might help others.



Welbeck Sawmill
RR 2
Durham, On
N0G 1R0
(519) 369-2144
All the lumber especially the Douglas Fir.  They have excellent product knowledge and will work with you to select the best material.
West System Epoxy - they stock it, but don't have a lot of product knowledge
Heritage Marine
4075  Breck Ave
London, On
N6L 1B3
(519) 652-2490
They are a West System discributor and have a good stock of epoxy
They are a distributor for Hutchings Marine and can get stainless fasteners and fittings.  The price was quite competative.
Metal Supermarkets
5 Forwell Rd, Unit 4
Kitchener, ON
Canada, N2B 1W3
Phone: (519)742-8411
Toll Free: (800)742-8620
Fax: (519)742-9377
A good supplier of aluminum tube for mast and spars.  The prices and availability was good as well.
Locations across Canada, the US and UK
Fogh Marine
2242 Lakeshore Blvd W.
Toronto, Ontario
M8V 1A5
Phone: (416)251-0384
Toll Free:1(800)342-FOGH
Fax: (416)251-3222
A good supplier of small boat hardware.  Knowledgable, friendly staff.
Morrison Home Hardware
1260 2nd Ave East
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 3J8
Phone: (519) 376-6590
They were able to special order in stainless screws and are a lot more local to me than London.  The price was quite competative too.
The screws came in Home Hardware packaging, which is interesting since another Home Hardware had claimed that they could not get them at all.
Noah's Marine
54 Six Point Rd
Toronto, Ont
Phone: (416) 232-0522
Fax: (416) 232-1365
Everything you could want for boat building as well as lots of books and good advice.

Big dog named Comet.


DISCLAIMER: Because the construction of any boat is dependent on factors of materials and craftsmanship that are beyond my control, I can accept no responsibility for any item constructed based on information found on this web-site.

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