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Costs Log

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This list of costs is not complete. I've been able to use left-overs and scrap - especially for lumber and fasteners on this project.

Supplier Date Material Hardware Cost Lumber Cost Adhesives / Paints / Coatings Rigging
TSC Stores 27-Aug-2005 2 5/16" eyebolts - pintles 3.64      
Welbeck Sawmill   2 Sheets 3/4" Plywood - Keel   84.62    
Welbeck Sawmill 22-Oct-2005 1 Sheet 3/8" Plywood   26.55    
3 Sheets 1/2" Plywood   103.95    
TSC Stores 12-Nov-2005 Bow Eye 14.23      
Rona Building Centre 13-Nov-2005 2 tubes PL Premium construction adhesive     12.63  
Lee Valley Tools 16-Nov-2005 60 Brushes     32.08  
Canadian Tire 19-Nov-2005 Body filler     9.19  
Welbeck Sawmill 3-Dec-2005 3 Sheets 3/8" Plywood   67.24    
4 Sheets 1/4" Luan Plywood   72.17    
5' 1X12 pine "barnboard"   6.33    
6 econo 2X4 studs   15.23    
TSC Stores 7-Jan-2006 Tubing for mast cable chase, flange for back of wheel 8.05      
RONA 21-Jan-2006 Screws & glue     27.64  
TSC Stores 11-Feb-2006 Drain Plug assembly
1/4" X 6" galvanized pipe
1/4" -> 3/8" galvanized coupling
3/8" Nylon Plugs - I got 3 because I figure they'll get wrecked over time
The Store Masons ?? Navigation Lights ??      
The Store Masons 17-Mar-2006 Electrical Panel 22.95      
Smithcraft 17-Mar-2006 5 Gallons Polyester Resin     155.23  
Hardener     9.37  
16 yds X 50" - 6oz Fiberglass     109.48  
20yds X 50" - 3oz Fiberglass     126.50  
Home Hardware 21-May-2006 Roof cement (to bed keel strip)     6.90  
Elma Steel 22-Apr-2006 1/8" X 1 1/2" X 20' steel strip 10.35      
Brafasco 2-Jun-2006 2 Eyenuts       15.80
Home Hardware 3-Jun-2006 Latex gloves + misc nuts and bolts     16.87  
TSC Stores 10-Jul-2006 Recreational White Tremclad rust paint     33.62  
Home Hardware 10-Jul-2006 PL Premium - 1 tube     5.24  
Home Hardware 26-Aug-2006 PL Premium - 2 tubes     10.46  
Canadian Tire 2-Sep-2006 PL Premium - 1 tube     5.69  
Welbeck Sawmill 12-May-2007 PL Premium - 2 tubes     10.46  
Sayal Electronics 26-Mat-2007 Relay for electric motor 16.80      
PartSource 29-Jun-2007 Bodyfiller     19.36  
PartSource 5-Jul-2007 Polyester Resin and body filler     83.20  
TSC Stores 21-Jul-2007 More eyebolts       14.73
TSC Stores 24-Jul-2007 More Recreational White Tremclad rust paint     39.89  
Welbeck Sawmill 4-Aug-2007 Oak for bowsprit     22.09  
Home Depot 21-Aug-2007 Screws and nuts and stuff 19.26      
TSC Stores 25-Aug-2007 More eyebolts and some screws       8.72
Home Hardware 11-Nov-2007 Surform and hacksaw 8.18      
Princess Auto 24-May-2008 Wire rope and fittings       44.33
PartSource 26-Jun-2008 Polyester Resin and body filler     70.09  
Home Hardware 19-Apr-2009 200' Polypropylene woven 3/8" line       47.44
Deals 19-Apr-2009 Tarp for sail       22.55
Princess Auto 23-Apr-2009 Second trailer roller, tarp tape       11.28
Home Hardware 25-Apr-2009 Carpet tape and 1 tube PL Premium       17.26
Lowes 30-Apr-2009 Single Sheave swivel pulleys and angle iron for roller bracket       39.12
Home Depot 30-Apr-2009 Single Sheave fixed pulleys       42.26
Home Hardware 2-May-2009 Tarp Grommets       3.15
Lowes 4-May-2009 Angle Iron for other roller bracket / keel guide 4.37      
RONA 7-May-2009 2 X double sheave fixed pulleys       15.53
Canadian Tire 9-May-2009 100' 3/8" line for lashing       10.72
The Dollar Store 9-May-2009 Pool noodles for behind seat floatation 11.30      
Fogh Marine 12-May-2009 Cleats for halyards, rudder line, and shock cord for rudder line.       13.51
Welbeck Sawmill 20-Aug-2009 1 2'X8'X2" sheet of foam insulation 33.89      
Home Hardware 23-May-2009 Carpet tape and 2 tube PL Premium       23.25
RONA 28-May-2009 Carabiners to use as jib hanks       20.17
Home Hardware 30-May-2009 Wire thimbles       2.69
TSC Stores 13-Jun-2009 Paint     15.81  
Home Hardware 20-Jun-2009 Paint     14.94  
TSC Stores 11-Jul-2009 Misc hardware and some 1/4" line (end up with 300' - need some new knotting projects). 12.60     8.72
TSC Stores 18-Jul-2009 Baler belt as rudder gaskets and some spare bolts 13.64     8.72
Home Depot 21-Jul-2009 More quick links       15.68
TOTAL     190.80 376.09 836.74 385.60

This gives me a total in the neighbourhood of $1,800 Cdn.  I might have missed a few receipts but not too many.  This is a lot lower than usual costs but I believe that a lot of that was to do with my choice of regular plywood and polyester resin.   If you want to start an argument among home boat builders, that is one of the sore topics.  Many people believe you need to use marine plywood and epoxy resins.   Hopefully I'm not too wrong.

DISCLAIMER: Because the construction of any boat is dependent on factors of materials and craftsmanship that are beyond my control, I can accept no responsibility for any item constructed based on information found on this web-site.

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