Free Web Based Guest Book

Some time ago I needed a sign-in "book" that I could deploy electronically.
I looked around and there wasn't much available so I wrote up this Google Sheets version.

Feel free to make a copy and deploy this yourselves.
I've deployed it in a frames page as shown on this link

The actual Google Sheets document can be found at:

When the visitor first signs in and checks the "I accept terms ..." checkbox this will cause a trigger (see below) to send an arrival email to their sponsor. When they sign out a similar email is generated. Hidden columns J and K manage the status of this.

To install this, make your own copy, edit the Staff List tab (which I normally keep hidden) and then - the tricky bit - is to add in a "trigger" that will enable the emailing of the notifications during the OnEdit event

I have deployed this using Google Chrome's "kiosk" function which would look like this line in a batch file:

Start "Kiosk" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --chrome --kiosk http://servername/path/GuestBook.html --disable-pinch --overscroll-history-navigation=0

This project is provided at no cost but also with no warranty express or implied. All liability is the responsibility of whoever has copied and is deploying this sheet.
If you do find this useful, drop me a note - I'm curious.

What powers this?
This site is running on a Raspberry PI 3a and pulls images from a Wyze Cam located in my front window. It's just a toy I've been playing with. If you are interested in knowing more, please feel to contact me

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Free guest book

If you are looking for the old sailing files they are can be found Here. Try not to laugh too much at the very dated web design.